Become a ChargedUp Venue

Your customers want to stay connected, and ChargedUp is the most convenient way to keep them charged – plus, it’s free!


Drives Footfall

Feature your venue on the ChargedUp map that’s accessed by every user

Enhance experience

Keep your customers connected and free up time for staff

Increase dwell time

ChargedUp’s portable power banks include cables for all types of phones, giving you the freedom to charge on the go.

Increase customer spend

The longer customers are in your venue, the more they’ll spend

2500+ Partner Venues

ChargedUp Small Station - FREE!*

We install, manage and maintain the stations at no cost to you. There is no complicated on-boarding or installation process, you simply plug the station in and our app educates the users.
Perfect for Pubs, Bars, Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices!

Plug and Play

ChargedUp stations simply require a plug socket and can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Self Service

Our stations are fully automated, leaving your staff to do what they do best

Portable Power

Users can charge their phones at their own convenience, providing a better experience

Custom Branded

For a small fee we can produce custom branding for your station

What's in the box & features

– 8x 6000mAh ChargedUp power banks – 1x ChargedUp Station with backboard – 4G SIM card (no WiFi required) – Latest USB 3.1 power delivery – Fast Charge – Charges mobile devices, tablets and USB-C laptops *Subject to passing venue requirements

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ChargedUp Large Station

Perfect for Stadiums, Shopping Centres, Train stations, Airports and large venues

Free standing

This free standing station requires no mounting or install, simply just a power outlet

Self Service

Our stations are fully automated, leaving your staff to do what they do best

Portable Power

Users can charge on the go, providing a better experience, and encouraging spend in your venue

Branding Opportunity

The screens can display branded content and the stations can be wrapped for a sponsorship partner

ChargedUp Responsibilites

  • Free Delivery
  • 24/7 customer service (we handle all user questions via our app so your staff don’t have to)
  • Restocking batteries & any station maintenance
  • Advertising your venue via ChargedUp app
  • Provide free marketing material

Venue Responsibilities

  • Plug socket
  • Visible space (such as on the bar)
  • Keep the station turned on

Free Marketing

Every ChargedUp partner will be included on our map for free, giving you direct access to our growing user base across Europe. We will actively promote your venue driving footfall and helping customers dwell for longer – on average, rentals last 1HR 30mins!

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