How do I rent a ChargedUp power bank?

You must first download the ChargedUp app available in the App Store or Google Play. You’ll need to create or log into a ChargedUp account, providing a valid mobile number and entering the six-digit one-time-passcode SMS we send to that number.

Tap on “Scan to rent” or “Unlock battery” in the app’s home screen, then type in or scan the QR code in front of a station. This will release a power bank for you to use. If you’re seeking a station, explore the map in the app.

How do I use a ChargedUp power bank?

Like most traditional power banks, ours come with built-in cables. For USB-C and Micro USB, pull the cable on the left of the battery and plug into your phone. For lightning port, pull the cable on the right. 

Lightning can charge an iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Micro USB can charge an Android Phone, Camera, GoPro, Wireless Headphones, etc., whilst a USB-C can charge newer Android devices. You can also use your own cable to plug into the bottom of the power bank to re-charge it if you’re not near a station.

How much does a ChargedUp power bank rental cost?

You can choose to pay as you go or rent per day (24 hours.)
If you choose to pay as you go, you will pay the hourly rate until you hit 5 hours, then getting the rest of the day (19 remaining hours) at no extra cost. Upon renting, a timer will show your rental’s pricing information. 
If you have any credits, they’ll be applied first. You’ll only pay the difference if your rental duration exceeds what your credits cover, based on the pricing plan you select for your rental. If you don’t return it, you’ll be charged its purchase price, able to swap it across our network for a year.

How do I return a ChargedUp power bank?

To return, simply push the power bank upright into a slot in any ChargedUp station. Push it down until it clicks and wait for the app to show your rental recap — contact in-app support if it doesn’t. 

At one of our large stations (6” tall), tap “Return” on the station’s touchscreen, then push your power bank into the empty blinking slot as shown (with the gold dots at the bottom going in) since they are what the station needs to detect the return. The phone app will show your rental recap once power bank has been clicked into a slot, which can take up to a minute — contact in-app support if it doesn’

My power bank doesn’t seem to be charging my device, what do I do?

First, shake the power bank (its blue LED lights under our logo will turn on). Then, make sure the cable is properly plugged into your device. We recommend you remove a thick phone case to allow the cable to go all the way in. If you still don’t see a charge, return the battery into the station and contact us via in-app support.

What happens if the ChargedUp station is too full or totally empty?

If it’s too full to return a power bank to it, or doesn’t have any rentals available, locate the nearest station via the app. You may need to “refresh map” upon navigating around. Our network is growing daily!

What happens if I lose or forget to return the ChargedUp power bank?

Your rental will continue to accrue with the pricing option you selected (Pay as you go at the hourly rate or pay per day for 24 hours) until you reach the maximum rental. Once that happens, you’ll be charged its purchase price and can keep the power bank and swap it across our network for a year.

How do I find a ChargedUp station to rent and return a power bank?

ChargedUp stations can be found in a mix of venues, including cafes, bars, hotels and shopping areas. Explore the map in our app to find the one nearest you, or pinch and zoom, then tap “Refresh map” to plan ahead on where to rent from or return a power bank to.

How do I change my payment method?

Once logged into the app, go to the Menu, select My Account, and tap on Payments. Then, follow on-screen instructions to add a new card.

Does my phone have to receive a code to set up a ChargedUp account?

To ensure your account set-up is secure, we use two-factor authentication, sending the mobile number you provide with a six-digit code as an SMS (text message.) This relies on your phone having enough mobile signal to receive it.
You may need to step into a better signal range than where a ChargedUp station may be, but can still rent from it by taking note of the station’s ID number. Please let our in-app customer care team know if you’ve had to do this so that we can contact the venue to ensure it is placed in a better spot.

How do I swap the ChargedUp power bank I’d purchased?

Once the power bank is back in our network (clicked into a station), when you scan a station’s QR code, you’ll be shown a “Swap” option. You can still opt to rent another one with either pricing option.
Note that you can also charge a power bank with a micro-USB — found at the bottom.

Why should I share my location and allow push notifications?

Our power banks charge devices efficiently, so you’ll quickly start seeing an increase on your battery upon plugging one in. By sharing your location, you’ll be able to more easily find where to rent and return to. We use notifications to remind you to return it (and avoid paying its purchase price), along with when your battery’s running low and you’re near a ChargedUp station so we can save the day.
Up to you, though!

How is ChargedUp powered by green energy?

Every time you use a ChargedUp battery pack, your phone will be powered by renewable sources like the sun and the wind. To offset the power consumed by the packs, we buy renewable certificates from generation sites around the UK (mostly, ones that are close to home for ChargedUp, like Bridgewater). In fact, we’ve bought enough to cover ChargedUp’s energy load ten times over. If you want to read more about how Octopus Energy guarantees 100% renewable electricity, head over to their blog: https://octopus.energy/blog/

Why have I been charged more than expected?

You may be wondering why you have been charged more than the amount you selected? The reason for this is that when you begin your rental we take a "pre-authentication" payment which may be more than the amount you selected. Essentially, this is a check to make sure that your account has enough funds to cover the rental option you selected. Don't worry, once you return the power bank and end the rental, you will be refunded the difference between the pre-authentication payment and the actual rental amount. For example, if you choose the £2 per hour option but were charged £5 for the pre-auth, you will be refunded £3 once the rental has ended (providing you did only rent for an hour).

Why have I been subject to multiple transactions?

On rare occasions you may encounter duplicate transactions showing on your statement. Don't worry, any duplicate charges will be refunded ASAP. If this does not happen automatically, please contact our customer support team via the app who will process this for you.